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Dynamic damping gas struts vs Standard gas struts

By observing below two sketches, it's easy to find dynamic damping gas struts are different from standard gas struts in damping control mode. The standard gas spring's damping speed is controlled by a small hole on the piston, but the dynamic damping gas strut's damping speed is controlled by a special longitudinal groove inside the pressure tube.

In comparison with standard gas struts, dynamic damping gas struts have many advantages, such as good damping effect, less affected by low temperature, etc. And the most obvious advantage is that braking can be achieved without the piston rod pointing downwards. Below is the detailed comparison between the two kinds of gas struts.

Items Standard gas struts
Dynamic damping gas struts
Shaft, Tube, Piston, Guide bush, Oil, etc.
Shaft, Tube, Piston, Guide bush, Oil, etc.
Shaft down
Any direction
Damping control mode
Piston hole
Damping groove
Damping speed
Variable (Fast to slow)
Damping effect
Common Good
Affected by low temperature Big Small

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