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Gas springs Dos and Don'ts

You are kindly informed following using tips when you use Yeswin gas springs.

• Do use standard gas springs rod down.
• Do ensure gas springs are stored rod down to lubricate the oil seals before use.
• Do ensure gas spring's end fittings are fully screwed home.
• Do ensure that end fittings are in line, so that side load forces are not applied as a result of misalignement.
• Do try to use ball joints to help avoid side load forces. If eyelets are used, ensure a sloppy fit to allow lateral movement.
• Do ensure the ball studs are flush with the surface and tightened when ball joints are used.
• Do try to use shorter gas springs close to the hinges rather than long stroke gas springs away from the hinges.
• Do provide physical stops to limit the gas spring's extremes.
• Do ensure that undue force is not applied to over compress or over extend the gas spring.

• Do not puncture or incinerate gas springs.
• Do not scratch, dent, chip, bend or paint the rods.
• Do not cycle more than 15 times per minute.
• Do not attempt to regas a gas spring. This is an extremely dangerous operation.
• Do not reduce the force of a gas spring below its specified minimum working force.
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